United Lines Studio's team


Composer, Storyteller

Author of Swords of Calengal. He had the first idea for the game when he was thirteen. Now, he have a team!


Developer, Game Designer

Second member of United Lines Studio. Author of the XeEngine and the toolsets of the game, he is the mind behind every technical stuff.


Pixel Artist, Animator

Pixel art director of Swords of Calengal. He take care of all animation of the game.


Environment Designer, Concept Artist

Environment director and second pixel artist of the team. He take care of all maps of the game. He is also the main level designer.

United Lines Studio

The crew is an italian team, based in Italy and United Kingdom. Their past activities goes from computer technology to graphic and illustration for tabletop games and RPG's games, passing through disassembly video games for the study of the mechanics to realizing graphics on commissions for videogames of third parts. The team borns in 2016 and is now working on his first project together: an action rpg called Swords of Calengal.

Swords of Calengal

During an harsh winter some mills were taken down, probably due to snowstorms or Creatures that are slowly becoming more hostiles. The Guild of Destiny then sent his 11° division for mills restoration, led by captain Lehior Kharlian. Their last stop was Droumir's village, where the mission's checks would be completed. But during their last task someone has stopped them. An unknown hunter, hidden by his hood, is now able to control the Creatures, a power that was told only from Calengal's fables. Lehior's team was forced to retreat to the nearest refuge, to plan a strategy for the unexpected threat.